Qantas economy reward flight availability around November to January?

Hi, sorry if this has already been asked.

I have tried to book a few Qantas flights withpoints recently and have found there to be hardly anything available even for flights a long way in the future.

A few I have tried are

Perth to Melbourne Sun 11th Nov 2018
Melbourne to Perth Sat 22nd Dec 2018
Perth to Melbourne Wed 2nd January 2019

They often say ‘no seats’ in economy, but I find that very hard to believe that they would be all gone especially so far into the future. The 2nd January one when I looked yesterday had the no seats one for economy, but today I have checked again and they have just removed the entire eonomy column from the results. I find it very hard to believe that they would already be gone. They only just became available and I feel I’m much more organised than others booking this early.

Do they release more later?

Have Qantas made a change recently to offer less economy reward seats?

This is just getting a bit frustrating as I have quite a few points I can use but have not been able to.

December/January is peak period so very few rewards seats are on offer and as you say others have snapped them up

I appreciate the response Mark, but I find this hard to believe that they were all snapped up.

I was on the site every day waiting for them to be released. They have never gone this quickly before. I’m thinking that Qantas is just choosing not to offer them at all for some dates, or only business, but they do not provide any more information on this