Qantas cancelled Qantas flight (Melbourne to Hong Kong) in Oct 2022, now on requested pending Cathay Pacific seats since 7th May. What should we do next?

Hi all , has anyone had a similar thing happen to them and what was the outcome. I got in early and managed to make 2x business (318,000 ) to Europe in October this year. All my flights were confirmed. Firstly QF made changes to a couple of legs that meant connections didnt work - I was able to call and fix them. Then we had notification that our flight from ADL had changed and they would give us an alternative within 72 hours. When I went into our booking they hadnt just changed the ADL to MEL they had also cancelled the Mel to HKG flight ( QF 29 ) but the flight out of HKG was still in the booking and confirmed. I called on the 7th May and was told that I could get a refund as Claudeen could not find an alternative. - as this was not really a suitable outcome I was told a manager would call me back within an hour. No call back from manager, I called them back evening of 7th with some alternative flights that would work for the connections. I was advised that a request had been sent to Cathay Pacific and that they would call back with confirmation within the 72 hours again . No call back , I called on the 11th , 12 th and 18th and each time they say it will go through in a day or 2. I dont know what to do as I have a terrible feeling the request is just sitting there and nothing will be done about it. As it was QF that cancelled the original seats / flight I feel an alternative should be offered. This situation is so stressful , Im worrying about it all the time as Ive looked for reward business seat availability out of AUS for Oct and its not available. Do I sit tight and wait for a call back ? or should I try to be proactive and keep calling or email someone ( although I don’t know who to email )
Thanks , any advice would be much appreciated.

If there’s no response soon, I’d recommend trying all the ways of contact available including through social media. It is at least less hassle than being on hold forever on the phone.