Qantas Business class connecting awards flights - would I get points returned if I only complete one leg?

I am looking at booking a classic points redemption in late January for Qantas Business class from Los Angeles - Melbourne.
This is not available at the dates I want.
I noticed there was availability on Los Angeles (LAX)-Melbourne(MEL)-Singapore(SIN) flight with a stopover in Melbourne (ie the flight I want).
If I booked this, can I cancel the MEL-SIN leg and complete the booking in Melbourne?
Would I get points returned?
I would also be happy to continue the MEL-SIN leg at a later date if possible.

Hi justinmalk,


You could cancel it and complete your travel in Melbourne, but Qantas wouldn’t offer you a refund of your points for the flight which you haven’t flown.

With an award booking Qantas specify that once you depart on your first flight segment of the ticket, the fare becomes non-refundable. So in your instance of course you could take the journey to Melbourne and cancel it there, but as it’s a through ticket they would say you’re mid-journey and can’t cancel and request a refund for just part of it.

It’s a complicated yield management issue, but it’s there so that Qantas can stop people from doing just that; manipulating the system into getting availability on an award seat that shouldn’t be there.

If you can’t find the availability on the LAX - MEL route it’s still not a bad option to just pay it and cancel it when you get to Melbourne, knowing you won’t get the points back? An extra 60,000 points down the drain is a waste, but it sure beats paying a full-fare business one way.

Hope that’s helpful!


Be careful that the LAX-MEL segment isn’t in economy. That’s probably what your search is returning.