Qantas bid now upgrades - are they available on international sale fares?

I know that sale international fares are not eligible for points upgrades. but are they available for bid now upgrades (ie the ones Qantas invites individuals)

Hi Mark, I replied as a comment as there may be others that have more specific experience to share.\r\n says in 2016 that there are no specifics as to which fare class are eligible or not eligible to bid for upgrades. You will have to wait until 7 days before your flight and see whether you will be invited to bid.\r\nI am sure you already know most of this and that Classic Upgrade Rewards comes as priority first over Bid upgrades.\r\nHowever, I did find when I did a Google search, of success stories of Bid now upgrades. e.g. on Ausbt websites. Maybe they would be of some help if they disclose what type of fare they initially purchase.