Qantas award redemption to Japan - is it feasible to book JAL Business on the return flight?


Like a few others: long time lurker, 1st time poster! Hoping to test my proposed fare to Japan (late April to mid-May) with the point hacks community.

Partner and I have 268,000 QFF points and can get Qantas economy classic award seats return (35k p/p each way). Total outlay= 140,000 points plus approx $624 in fees. Nice and simple.

However, I’m keen on trying business class on the way home. Qantas has no availability…but Award Nexus indicates JAL has available business award seats. I’ve read up on using QFF points for JAL award seats, calling to book etc and feel comfortable I’ve got the right info.

The proposed redemption/ticket would be:

  1. Qantas economy classic award MEL-NRT (70,000 points plus $624 fees) 2. JAL business award seat NRT-MEL (156,000 points plus fees). Not sure of exact fees…$500ish? based on Qantas business reward fees. Total outlay for two is 226,000 points plus about $1124 fees.

The itinerary seems feasible, and we’d have enough points. The business class redemption also seems to value the points a bit higher…am I missing something?

Your plan seems sound to me.

Taxes are generally the same for economy or business. So the cash component might be half of what you are budgeting for.

Good luck. You will enjoy.