Purchasing Points - Which buy promo offers the best deal for flights to Europe and US?

Somedays I feel you need a degree in advanced mathematics to work out how to maximise points hacks.

Right now SPG, AA, Avianca and Alaskan are running specials on buying points. On top of this, Cathay and Qantas are running 30% bonuses for transferring points (and yes, there are limited opportunities for doing this on Qantas). I’m just trying to work out which deals are the cheapest, especially after adding taxes which Qantas is very good at doing and AA does on purchasing points. It would be great to see some worked examples, especially for long haul Europe and US, comparing the current specials…?

You don’t need a degree in advanced maths. you just need time to compare. each award flight costs a certain number of points , you just need to compare by cost of points. tax is a bit trickier as you’ll need to search on a redemption website. however that will also tell you if the flight is available on a particular day.