Priority Pass options for Sydney and Auckland - what would you do?


We are exploring lounge / Priority Pass options for our upcoming travel. We have this membership as part of our CC but have never used it. We are a family of four (2 adults and 2 Kids[5&8yrs]). We are traveling economy Qantas. The membership is only linked to my husband and it states the following:

Your membership plan includes 2 inclusive member and accompanying guest visits in each membership year (each person uses one inclusive visit). Any additional member or guest visits will be charged directly to the payment card associated with your account at a rate of US$32 per person per visit.

Our airports we are exploring are:
(1) Departure - Sydney (but imagine we will only be at the airport for approx. 2 hours however will have full tummies due to breakfast supplied at our hotel
(2) Return Departure – Auckland we will be at the airport prob 3 hours before our flight and will be seeking out snacks.

We are aware that by swiping the Priority Pass card or using the app, we can receive $36 per person off the total bill for food and/or drinks. I am thinking this is our best option as we are also traveling with the kids making us 2 passes short. But I really like the option of the kid’s rooms in the lounges while we get to have a quiet buffet / wine while they play! I note that Sydney have access for The House where we could pay an extra 80(for me) +20(for my husband on top of his free pass) +40+40 For the kids= $140 just isn’t worth it not to mention we won’t be in the airport long and have just come from hotel breakfast.

So, I have turned my attention onto the Strata Lounge in Auckland the kids room set up isn’t as great as the House but as we will be at the airport longer and on the hunt for food, I feel this would suit us more. My question is – what would be the way for us to all gain access? Any ideas? I was thinking using our pass with me as extra then booking the kids online?

I don’t think you can just book 1 child on its own for lounge access (though feel free to prove me wrong) so in this case I would compare the prices of booking an adult for the Strata lounge online in advance compared to the walk-in guest rate. Your 2 kids can be the 2 guests as allowed in your membership.

If the price difference isn’t too much it might be worth just walking in to the lounge and see what happens. If your agent is nice or isn’t clearly aware of the rules, they might let you in for free. Otherwise, its just 32 USD.

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