Point Hacking - Ideas on the best ways to approach periodic credit card applications?

Hi Everyone - thought it would be interesting to share where an average family point hacker has gotten to a year into the game.

It’s been about a year since I got a Amex Platinum Edge card - and I’ve managed to squirrel away 110,00 by putting as much as possible through that card. Frustrated by missing points when you can’t use the Amex, I also got a Velocity Flyer Credit Card which has helped me crack 60,000 Velocity points in the past 6 months (filling up at BP too). In the past few months we’ve committed to shop at Coles for flybuys points and getting up a balance up there too (no Qantas points at Woolies option in Tasmania).

Also - thanks to family pooling, some work travel and a recent family trip to Vietnam - I’ve reached Velocity Gold for the first time ever :slight_smile:

The recent Point Hacks series on how credit works has got me thinking about how best to approach periodic card applications.

As a family of four the goal is to subsidise an annual family trip overseas - and perhaps the odd business upgrade when the kids stay with their nan for the weekend. In the past year I have successfully used Virgin’s Upgrade Bid function on flights from Melbourne to Hobart making the lowest possible bid.

Hope everyone’s point journey is getting them into the air.

Hi hobartash,

Thanks for sharing your story. Congratulations on reaching Virgin Gold too.

So to summarise, you are looking for advice on periodic credit card applications and your goal is for economy travel overseas for 4 or business class for 2?

Unfortunately, financial advice for financial decisions such as which credit card to choose cannot be given out here. However, general strategies for point earn through credit card to FF programs can be given.

Do you have any specific destinations in mind? As overseas is a rather hard thing to pin point. NZ is overseas. Indonesia is too, So is Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia.

The cheaper regions point-wise is obviously Asia due to proximity.

Credit card sign up bonuses are one of the quickest ways to boost point/mile balances. However, as you can see from the recent series of articles on credit score, etc., it is best to use in moderation and be strategic about these sign ups as the last thing you want is end up with above average FF point balance, a poor credit score, and an upcoming loan application/refinancing. Lose-lose-lose.

Thanks for the response w-hiew, sorry I should have been clearer - wasn’t after any advice but wanted to share my progress one year on.

It’s a funny tension - now I’ve reached gold (with a slim chance of making Plat), I’m loath to use the points and want to maintain status by paying for the next family holiday. I’m sure I’ll get over that - our lose plan next year is to go somewhere a bit closer - perhaps Bali or Thailand, and then to the USA the year after. I think the best goal for us is to try to subsidise our ongoing trips by using points for 1 or 2 of the fares (economy or premium where available) and purchasing the rest. I know it’s not the best value you can get out of the points - but it could make the difference on whether or not we can afford a yearly trip or not.