Planning to do RTW trip - Should we continue earning Qantas points or start with another frequent flyer program?

Hello everybody.
This is my first post and I know that there are other posts covering this but my question is if we already have 250K points between my wife and I and are looking to do RTW trip in business class (520K points needed) in 2018 should we stay with Qantas or start again with another program. Most of our points earn come from credit card spend/sign up.

thanks for your thoughts

just read my post again. It should be 560K points for the RTW


Unless you are confident you can accumulate the following easier and quicker than 310k Qantas points, I would recommend staying with Qantas.

Krisflyer 240k x 2 = 480k RTW in business

Asiana 230k x 2 = 460k RTW in business

Cathay Pacific 220k x 2 = 440k oneworld RTW in business

thanks very much for your thoughts. I think we’ll stick with Qantas