Planning Perth to Cancun in 2018 - how to best redeem this with Qantas points?

My wife and I are looking at going to Mexico (Cancun) from Perth next year, possibly in August… I have quite a few Qantas points… just wondering what the best way would be to use them… Quite happy to fly economy…
Is it best to use points only syd-usa and then purchase per-syd and usa-cancun??
Never used my points for flights before, so I want to make sure that I do not make any rookie mistakes and get the most out of my points… Any advice will be greatly appreciated :wink:


I had a quick look on Qantas calculator. It costs you the same amount of points to do PER-SYD-DFW-CUN compared to PER-SYD-DFW-CUN =>60k Qantas 1 way 1 passenger in economy. For SYD-DFW it costs 55k. Hence, if you can find availability, PER-CUN in 1 redemption sounds like the cost effective way to go.

Try using multi-city search to find availability. It shouldn’t be too bad if you are after 2 seats and book when they release the dates 1 year in advance.

The challenging leg would be the SYD-USA leg. If you can’t find PER-CUN, try PER-DFW or SYD-DFW or other USA ports like SFO, LAX.

  1. Thank you so much for your assistance.... i haven't used the calculator before.... so...60,000 points per person each way sounds very reasonable..... would you know roughly how much additional charges such as taxes would be per person would be??