[Personal share] Would a flexible, no-expiry reward points be of interest? 1000 Free points to try it out!

Hey mates!

I’m part of the heymax team and we’ve recently launched a new points product for aussies to try out. Ideal for travelers or anyone into collecting points. Would love to know what you guys think of our platform!

Product’s called Max Miles:

  • Redeemable for points with 20+ airlines/hotels.
  • 1:1 transfer ratio, no fees, no expiry.

We’ve boosted our sign-up offer for just 3 days until end 1st Feb 2024.

New Users get Upsized 1000 (usually 500) Max Miles immediately upon sign-up, which can be transferred immediately to any participating airline miles, including Qatar Airways, Japan Airlines, Etihad, and more.

You will also earn an extra 500 Max Miles after 3 confirmed transactions and phone number verification.

Link to site here: heymax.ai

Additional info about us if interested:
heymax helps travellers like you reach your dream destinations. Every time you shop through us, you earn flexible Max Miles reward points – think CashRewards or Shopback, but for travel points. You can redeem these Max Miles for points at over 20 airlines and hotels, all at a 1:1 ratio. No fees, no expiry!