[Personal Share] - Velocity points and taxes refund for cancelled international reward flights

Just wanted to share my experience getting a full refund from Velocity and the great service I received. Earlier this year I booked two Etihad Business flights Zurich-Singapore, flying in October 2020, using Velocity points. I cancelled the flights on 2/7/20. Today I received a full refund of Velocity Points and taxes. The wait time for a refund is supposed to be 21 business days from when you cancel. When that time expired last week, today I rang Velocity and the operator just manually refunded all the points straight back into my Velocity account. He said it had been in the “refund queue”, but he could see it was now past the 21 days so he manually organised for the points and money to be refunded. Points came back instantly, taxes will follow in 3-5 business days. Great service by Velocity.

Curious if Virgin Australia will retain Etihad and Singapore Airlines partnerships after the Bain takeover?