[Personal Share] - Site feedback for recent website changes

hi just some feedback for changes i have noticed recently:

  • tables are staggered into 2 columns
    1 2
    3 4
    5 6

makes it ugly to read.

  • emails come out on a monday night now. friday was better because i’d read them on the weekend.
    too busy on a weeknight. so it gets largely ignored now.

cheers keep up the good work.

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Hi ollie

Thanks for your feedback and your continued support of Point Hacks.

Can you let me know what device you mostly use to read our content, as we are not seeing the column issue you describe with our tables. We can then look into it further.

In regards to timing of weekly emails, we have been undertaking extensive tests over the past few months to determine the best timing for our emails (ie when they are being accessed and read) and it has consistently been showing that Mondays provides the best readership.

Nonetheless, I will still pass this feedback onto the relevant person undertaking these tests.


hi did you get my email reply?

Hi ollie

No I’m sorry, I can’t seem to see a reply from you on this thread. Could you please resend?