[Personal share] Qantas classic reward flight (Melbourne to Cairns) got downgraded to economy at the airport

We don’t fly much so l did my best to get a special treat for my love.
30 year anniversary trip to Port Douglas booked 6mths out as a classic reward business class.
Arrived Melbourne airport this morning for a 09.45 flight, only to be told sorry flight over booked your sitting in economy.
It wasn’t a points upgrade, l booked return business, Mel/ Cairns in November.
Surly if since the start of the month they changed planes we could of been notified.
Such a letdown when finally getting first holiday away since Covid began.

Hi @fborgy

Really sorry to hear of your experience which is every point hacker’s nightmare. Happy anniversary, and despite the letdown, I hope you are enjoying Port Douglas as I write this.

There is a disproportionately high number of complaints about Qantas’ customer service on this website, other websites, and in the media at the moment. By “disproportionately high” I mean that you’d expect Qantas to receive more complaints than other airlines just because of its much larger size and market share, but even accounting for that, there’s still a ridiculously high number of complaints such as yours.

When it comes to Qantas at the moment, caveat emptor.

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Hey maybe rookie error Sat morning flight, return flight on Thursday see how that ends up.
Cheers :beers:

Sorry to hear that you got downgraded! It doesn’t help much now, but make sure Qantas gives you a refund of the points difference between Business and Economy on that leg.

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Will try after we get home Thursday, at this point we have seats for the return leg so all good.:+1: