[Personal share] My experience of buying Apple Gift Cards from Woolworths

As I was about to buy a new iPhone 14 pro plus, I decided to go down the woolworths rewards card route and claim 20000 Qantas ff points.
Well, that’s an experience. Scrutinized by woolworths staff, had to confirm to two employees I had not been coerced into purchasing cards. Then at end of transaction one was reversed and then I had to show drivers licence to purchase. Now one hour later Qantas Platinum card has been frozen by fraud squad. I have just had to ring up and confirm that the purchases were all legit.

I know this is all good and shows the fraud checks are working but thought I’d make people aware of what you may encounter. It’s not you!! It’s the times we live in!!!

Wow. (No pun intended). That can’t have been a fun experience for you. Thanks for sharing.

I still think, though, that the 20x Everyday Rewards and Flybuys promotions represent one of the best point hacks available at the moment. I’ve personally accumulated tens of thousands of both Qantas and Velocity points over the past couple of years by purchasing Apple gift cards during these 20x points promotions, on behalf of myself and others.

I’ve never had your experience, but I have been queried more than once at the checkout. I simply explain that I’m about to buy a new Apple device and that this promotion has come at exactly the right time. And now, having made this purchase many times before, the credit card’s fraud-check software recognises my past history and doesn’t flag it.

My layman’s advice for avoiding @emfbridge 's plight: make a small purchase of gift cards first (say, $100-200 worth), so the credit card company can “learn” that you are a purchaser of gift cards from the supermarket. I’ve purchased up to $2000 of Apple gift cards in the one transaction with no problem – but I was a reasonably common gift card purchaser before then.

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