[Personal share] - instant Velocity Gold/Platinum status via AMEX point transfer

Found this one if you are looking for a quick Velocity gold or plat status. For Amex platinum, centurion and business platinum transferring from Ascent to Velocity. Transfer 400k points between Feb 17 and Feb 29 for 12 month Velocity Gold. Transfer 800k for 12 months platinum. If you hold status already it will extend for 12 months. And they will bump up the transfer rate by 20%.

Did 800K amex points and only got Gold.
They are trying to tell me it should have been 800K Velocity points (1.6m Amex points )
Going to contest this.

Doesn’t sound right as per terms and conditions, clearly states 800k membership rewards (Amex) into velocity. Definitely dispute and let us know how you go