[Personal share] - Great redemption for Brisbane to Vancouver

This is very interesting … We are flying in December to ski in Canada for 6 weeks on and off.
I had to book via Tokyo which led us to get seats on Japan Airlines 18 overnight.

When I search the value of the tickets even webjet provide $5,600 odd each ticket.
Given that I paid for Brisbane Tokyo-Vancouver for $1100 plus points , we did ok.
Might have to include this on Point Hacks.

Its seems correct via JAL and webjet sites. $1100 for $31,000 worth of fares. lol

Hi there,

I’m trying to understand some of the points you are trying to say.

18 overnight is 18 hours overnight flight?
Are you comparing $5600 cash (revenue) fare vs Classic Reward flight (Point + taxes)?

Your numbers seems to be inconsistent between 1 passenger and more than one passenger. Return/one way would help too.

Just trying to make your post helpful to others.


I found the post confusing. Thank you for wanting to help others. But could you please just explain it in more detail including the number of points, instead of abbreviating. Thanks in advance!

No . the post stands, we paid $1100 plus points = $30000 worth of tickets. We checked it several times today.
Could you imagine paying $5600-5800 for a one way Tokyo to Vancouver? We paid $1100 for Brisbane - Tokyo to Vancouver. I cant imagine why JAL would list the tickets so high. But they are not alone.

I was just doing a cost analysis of the trip. I am sure they will get cheaper, but it is Christmas. Valued points …

It is just an example of what can be found. So I am thankful that QF didn’t list any direct flights for this week this year. We had 3 options, Auckland, Nandi and Tokyo. All about the same cost to Vancouver.
The 750000 points is worthwhile after all.
Happy to expand further

Sorry but your tip is still very hard to understand. Does anyone else understand this? Can you explain how many QFF points and taxes per person?

Wow its all there except the points , maybe read it. lol
Points 300,000
Cash $1100
For Bne - Tokyo - Vancouver
Cost on web for 5 people $30,800 AUD.

It doesn’t sound correct, but I am reliable told it is.

So you did points+pay and achieved 1c/point value? If I understand correctly

That’s not the best, even for qff points

So is the poster saying he paid cash for tickets Brisbane to Tokyo (???) and then used 60,000 points + taxes per person for Business Tokyo - Vancouver using Classis Reward redemption? I believe a Business redemption Tokyo - Vancouver is 65,000 points. Still confused sorry. And this is one-way yeah?

And Graham , the poster , Boz paid $1100 for Brisbane to Vancouver via Tokyo. Commercial cost of ticket 31800.AUD
Read the post-- 300000pts Brisbane to Vancouver… 5 people on booking 5 x 60 = 300 /30 is clearly not 1c a point.

Come on guys , I really expected better…You are supposed to be the cream of the hacking crop.
Understand standard economy classic award BNE to VCR is BNE LAX VAN for around 275000pts, for 5 people… That equates to $7500/275000 2.7c / pt… we got 30800/300000… You can get your calculators out. It is fair enough

My real question is, Why is Japan Airlines so expensive on that Route?

Hi boz,

I understand your frustration but we are not all here to make your life difficult. You may be familiar with the costs and process but I am sure you have had instances in your life where you had to make something pretty clear before someone else (partner or colleagues) would fully understand the message your were trying to deliver. (I am guilty as an introvert myself).

We are not asking for too much here. It would be much appreciate in the future to outline the details a bit more and it would be happy days.

Not saying my way is the best/perfect way, but personally, I would have gone something that sounds a bit like this:

Hey guys, I used 325,000 Qantas points and $1100 to redeem 5 oneway economy seats in December for a ski trip. We will be flying BNE-NRT-YVR (or Brisbane-Tokyo-Vancouver). Flying Qantas and then Japan Airlines.
I checked on Skyscanner and the flights would have costed my $31800 if bought with cash. We were thrilled to have paid $1100 instead of $31800. Sounds like great value to me what do you think? Why does it costs so much to fly Japan Airlines?

All the info would be there for us to comment.

Points to note is:
Your Qantas points cost something even if you have earned it for ‘free’. So to ignore it in any equation is gonna make you feel over the moon as you felt like you saved $30k.

In reality, the simplest way to valuate your point value is ($31800-$1100)/325000 QF pts =9.4cpp. This would be a great cpp value at first glance.

However, another train of thought worth considering is, value pricing. Would you have paid $31800 to take the same flight anyway? I would hazard a guess that you wouldn’t. The way value pricing works is assessing that against how much you would have paid anyway.

Say you would have paid $1500 per person anyway, the calcs would be:
($1500 x 5 -$1100)/325000 QF pts = 2.3cpp. Which is still a reasonable redemption, in my opinion.

My 2c.


Good rhetoric, claps all round. 9.4c is a long way form your 0.1c?? (why say that)

The first comment is there and made sense
I used close to 300k of points to save on fares…
The cost I made is included… 3 years 84 sectors 3900 spent / $50,000 worth of fares so fare.
To say the $3 spent is a problem when it is not is just stupid. We were always going to travel.

Goneski ng… choi

Well done. I never mentioned 0.1 cpp. Maybe that was someone else.

Thanks Warren. You’ve said it perfectly.
And sorry boz, it was just little bit confusing.
The great thing about this group is we all are here to just provide information to help each other so thank you for sharing your trip.
Have a great trip boz!!! (I absolutely love Japan, so even if it’s just a short stop for you via Narita, I’m sure you’ll enjoy!)

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Yes my apologies it was a fellow named daft that came up with

I said 1cpp and I was wrong. I didn’t say 0.1cpp.

Also how will you be coming back home after the trip? 1 way fares are normally more expensive when looking at $ costs.

I spent $200 and 250k SQ miles flying 1 way in first class from Frankfurt to Sydney. This 1 way fare would be 10-12k so great value on paper