[Personal share] Differences in compensation for lack of service between Singapore Airlines and Qantas Airways

Recently my wife flew business class on Singapore Air Sydney to Singapore and had no entertainment system available. On arrival see was met by Sing. staff and given a very expensive box of tea plus 7500 frequent flyer miles as compensation. I on the other hand flew with Qantas from Tokyo to Sydney in Business class and all I received was an apology and told bring a book or download something on my device. Well I brought a book because I had no means of downloading anything. Clearly Qantas does not care about their customers like Singapore Air does. No compensation for me despite both of us been full cash payment passengers. We are both Gold status passengers me lifetime having lost me Platinum status 2 weeks ago. Time for me to leave Qantas for another airline.

Hi @gordon35au,
Sorry to hear about your experience. Given you have only recently lost your Platinum status with Qantas, I’d be inclined to contact them and casually ask what they might be able to do for you. You might has well try and leverage your status rating - even Lifetime Gold should be worth something??!! Politely explain your wifes experience with Singapore Airlines and see what they say.

Also… I always find it a good idea when contacting a company to complain about poor service etc… to have an idea in your own mind as to what would make you happy as far as any compensation they may elect to award you. Often times people phone up to complain, but when you ask them what they’re after or what would make them happy, they can’t elaborate on exactly what that would be - they’re so focused on the complaining part and getting it all off their chest, that they fail to stop and think about what sort of outcome they’re actually seeking. You can’t take the flight again obviously, so it’s good to have this in mind.

So go into the conversation with a goal in mind - 10,000pts or 50 status credits. Maybe there is a bottle of wine from Qantas Wines you have a particular preference for. You never know, you just might get the right person on the other end of the line who, if you treat them with respect and kindness, might be able to arrange some sort of compensation that you’re seeking. As a recent Platinum member I’d be looking to speak to the Platinum Rewards Team. Begin your steps here:


Best of luck. :pray:

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Hi Jenart

Thank you for the very helpful reply. I did ring up Qantas and was fobbed off. I was told the only way they will listen to me is if I make a complaint in writing. They did make it challenging to find the right form to make the compliant. Time will tell what response I get but I do not hold any hope of it been positive. I will keep you informed of eth outcome.

Good point… putting a complaint in writing is even better as it leaves a paper trail. Although they can always go back and listen to the recording of the phone call too, but that requires more effort I’d imagine to dig it up. I hope you hear something positive back.

Hi Jenart

To keep you up to date Qantas responded with an apology stating that when the system is off line the cabin crew offer newspapers or other reading matter. This did not happen but I did have my own book.

They gave me 10,000 FF points as compensation which I am happy with. It is still very annoying that I actually had to complain in writing to get this. They should have been automatically addressing compensation like Singapore Airlines did but then Qantas do not seem to value their customers in the same way. Thanks again for your advice.

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Glad you managed to receive something. That’s a win for sure. :+1: