[Personal Share] - Changes to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Earn Rates for Qantas Economy Flights

Hi All,

Historically, Alaska’s Milage Plan was a good program to transfer Qantas Flights to (especially discount economy) as you would get a good amount of frequent flyer points and it had good redemption rates for both Australian domestic and some international flights.
Going through the Alaskan Airlines Website today, I noted the following point earn changes for economy:

Flights taken prior to 1st January 2020:
Economy (Q,O,N,S,V,M,L,G,K,H,B,Y) - 100% Base Miles

Flights taken from 1st January 2020 onwards:
Economy (H,B,Y) - 100% Base Miles
Economy (G,K,L,M,S,V) - 50% Base Miles
Discount Economy (N,O,Q) - 25% Base Miles

Point earning rates for premium economy, business and first class have not changed.

I have not seen this discussed on Point Hacks yet, so wanted to let the community know.

For me this is a massive devaluation in the earning potential of this program as I fly mainly in economy, and will have me reconsider which program I credit my future Qantas flights to.

Wondering also how this will change peoples future earning and redemption habits using the alaskan milage program.

Yes this change was made a while I go. I seem to remember this was because of the new Joint Venture between American and Qantas so American AAvantage program earn rates went up whilst Alaskan MP earn rates went down. Also, I’ve always found the Mileage Plan program not as ideal in terms of redeeming points because they usually have less access to award seats than other partners.