[Personal share] Beware when booking multi-flight Finnair Business Class

I recently booked return flights on Finnair “Business Class” from BNE-LHR through the Finnair website. After a few weeks I looked at each leg (BNE-SIN, SIN-HEL, HEL-LHR) for seating preferences and discovered the leg from BNE-SIN and return were in economy. After complaining to their Aussie office and through their website they explained that when booking a banner is displayed indicating some flights may not be available in business but the next available class would be used. I had incorrectly assumed that would be the smaller flight from HEL-LHR. I admit that I should have checked but to advertise a Business Class flight where 35% (one way) is in economy I think is really poor. What exactly is a “Business Class” flight?

I’ve seen more ridiculous examples happen where the short European flight is in business and all the other long haul flights are in economy and that can still be classed as “business” when u search on the website but they do make it somewhat clear with a "mixed class"banner on there.