Partner airline cancelled reward flight, I've asked Qantas to request a change to an earlier day. Has anyone tried and got this approved before?

Hi Guys,

I booked my business class flight from syd-taipei in January and in the first week of May my flight had been cancelled. China Airlines gave me a flight the day after but I need to get there on that day for a wedding so I’ve asked Qantas to request it for the day before (not thinking it’d be such a pain). I’ve called China Airlines to see if they can reinstate it but they say that they’re unable to do anything and need Qantas to create a new booking. When asking Qantas to create a new booking there are no rewards seat flights anymore.
Does anyone know what I can do?


I think this happened to a friend once. There was a lot of back and forth with Qantas saying it’s China Airlines’ responsibility and vice versa. Ultimately, China Airlines released the award seat but needs Qantas to reissue the ticket. Best way forward is to get a Qantas and China Airlines agent on a 3 way call to sort this out. However, good luck with getting a Qantas agent that know what he/she is doing.

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Hi @jjc2023

There is one possible way to get through to a Qantas agent who knows what they’re doing: send an email to

Let us know how you go!


Thanks, I’ve emailed them will keep everyone updated.

Update I called Qantas today and emailed the and found a couple other emails in the Facebook Group Qantas Customer hints:
-Called Qantas five times today and my final call was Leo (Fiji call centre) he told me that he has seen that requests have been made to get the ticket reinstated and upon reviewing he mentioned that China Airlines isn’t a OneWorld partner, when every other operator I’ve spoken to before have all mentioned that they’ve sent requests to OneWorld. (All my previous may have been sending requests to OneWorld?) I asked him if he could call China Airlines to see what the issue is and he told me that he’d give them a call and call me back today once this was finished.
After 3 hours I received a notification from China Airlines saying that my flight had been ticketed and Leo called me back confirming it.
Am not too sure what worked, whether it was my emails or I just got a great operator but hope anyone that runs into similar issues does the same thing.


Well done! Glad it worked out with minimal pain for you!