One way flights seem cheaper from Europe to Australia - am I missing something?

Hi all fellow point hackers out there
I have enough points KF miles to fly to EU business class one way
To buy a ticket from Australia to EU is $5246 AUD
However buy a ticket from EU to Australia its 2838 euros which is $3573 AUD
So logically I should use the points to get to EU and buy the cheaper one way trip from Europe home.
Am I missing a hidden trap to my cunning plan


Yes, that’s the way it is.\r\n\r\nFor your trip back to Aus, which EU city are you flying from?\r\n\r\nOslo-Aus is constantly cheap for one-way business class.\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\nBluenose

Hi thanks

i am looking at fly back from either Milan Zurich Frankfurt or Barcelona

just book airfare on Singapore airlines no traps ? Seems too good to be true

regards Martin

The only trap I’m aware of is with travel insurance. Some, but not all, policies require you to have a return ticket, and two one way tickets, including like this, may void cover. Check the policy, there are still many policies out there where this isn’t a problem.