NY Based - should I go with Asia Miles, Velocity or Krisflyer?

I am a NY-based Australian who is hoping to travel back to Sydney on my vacation (either via LAX or HKG).

I currently have about 90K Amex points from my AMEX explorer card, 20K Krisflyer and have signed up to the US SPG Amex, and am expecting 30k points in the next 6 months.

Traditionally, I have only flown oneworld (I recently cleared by Qantas FF account) and was wondering whether I should:

  1. Transfer my AMEX, Krisflyer and SPG points (noting that the redemptions on velocity do not seem great)

  2. Transfer all my points to Krisflyer and try and redeem Delta/Virgin Australia flights (I am not keen to fly via Frankfurt and Singapore)

  3. Write-off my 20k SG Krisflyer points and convert to Asia Miles and try and claim a Qantas flight or Cathay Pacific/American Airlines flight?

Thank you so much!


I am trying to gather as much info out of what you included in your question here. Apologies if I have mistaken anything.

Having no idea what class of flight you have in mind, I am just going with economy; but the principles are similar in general.

Seeing as you do not want to go via FRA or SIN, you could:

  • Transfer to MRG->SPG-> JAL Mileage Bank (Fly JAL, AA, CX)
  • Transfer to MRG->SPG-> ANA Mileage Club (Fly Air Canada, Hawaiian Air, OZ, United)
Or you could transfer all to Krisflyer and redeem Air Canada, OZ or United Air.

MRG->SPG-> CX works too (fly oneworld airlines similar to JAL above).

Really depends what you are after, how award availabilities look like.

just as another option… I’m not sure how far your points balance will stretch.
But you can transfer your points MRG & SPG to Virgin Atlantic miles at 1:1 there was a 30% bonus running for MRG.
Have read a few blogs lately apparently is incredible value to use Virgin Atlantic points for redemption with ANA (mainly first class) which can be done JFK-Tokyo-SYD
Here is one blog out of the few I’ve as it helps explain how to do so.