No frequent flyer points for flights booked with qantas cash voucher?

i bought $4000 qantas cash vouchers earlier this year, on a deal recommended by you (thank you!) i notice however that i have not been credited with the flights i booked with those vouchers, not even the status credits for flying business class. is that correct?

and one of the flights, for over $4,000, was paid mostly with cash, using only the last couple of hundred dollars left on the second voucher. but still qantas only credited me with the return flight, not both legs. it seems a bit mean.

anything i can do about it?


Hey! Was it this deal that you bought the vouchers with? Just want to be sure I understand which you’re talking about.

yes, thats the deal… i used most of the $4000 on the first ticket bought (business class return to HK), and used just the leftover $288 on a second ticket i bought which cost over $4000. i didn’t get points on the first ticket, and on the second ticket i only got points for the return segment of the journey.

Hi,\r\n\r\nI would go to missing miles on the QF frequent flyer page to claim for them. As long as the flights were eligible then no reason why you don’t earn as long as the booking was for the person who the frequent flyer name matches.

The Qantas Vouchers do specifically allow points earn when using them. It seems like the passengers frequent flyer # hasn’t been included on the booking correctly, so I’d follow up with Qantas using the missing points form or a call to check and see what they recommend.