No award seats past 23 April 2023 on Melbourne to Saigon; have Singapore Airlines changed their award release patterns?

Hey guys,

Been keeping an eye on Singapore Air business class award availability for Easter next year. MEL > SIN > SGN.
I checked last weekend, and it looked like SIA had not opened any award availability passed 25/3/23.
I checked again today, and can’t find a single J seat for MEL > SIN passed 25/3/23.

My understanding is SIA release award seats 355 days out. Has that changed? Do they now release seats in week/month long blocks?

Is it just me? Or are there literally no award seats?? Searching on SIA website, logged into my KrisFlyer account.

Singapore usually have PLENTY of availability so this just seems super strange.


Hi @amurphy86

This is going to end up as a bit of a non-answer, but you asked for thoughts so here are some thoughts based on my observations of looking for reward seats over the past 7-8 months (I’ve been focussing on Europe and NZ, not Asia, but obviously there’s overlap when it comes to flights to/from Singapore)…

We all need to understand that things are not back to pre-pandemic normal. They may never be. But it’s also too early to work out what the “new normal” might look like. Airlines are also flying to/from Australia less frequently than before, whereas demand for premium cabins is just as high, if not higher, than pre-COVID. Hence it’s much harder to find reward seats and airlines are understandably being watchful.

In terms of what this means for reward seat availability … it’s all over the place at the moment. Some airlines are following the old rules (eg. releasing reward seats a certain number of days in advance), but many are not.

I think there’s grounds for confidence that you’ll get your flights to Ho Chi Minh City. But you’ll need persistence and flexibility! We have no way (yet) of knowing when reward seats will become available so search as often as possible, and be prepared to not get your first choice when it comes to origin/destination (eg. you might need to fly out of Sydney rather than Melbourne).

All the best!

I was wondering the same thing and found the following on The Australian Frequent Flyer website forum (courtesy of Ken1):

"SQ seats are usually released 355 days out but there have been none released for the past week, award or revenue. The last date available seems to have been for flights on 25 March 2023.

There are several discussions about this on Flyertalk and several people have suggested that SQ may be getting their 2023 northern Summer timetable ready. One poster said he has contacted SQ and they also couldn’t see any availability after that date and didn’t know why."


Thanks for the replies guys.

I just checked again now, and it appears they have finalised their summer schedule, as I can now find availability up until 16th April!!


Thanks for letting us know.

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