Newbie to Australian points/miles system - Any advice on how to maximise QFF points earn on daily spend?

I will be emigrating to Australia in March 2017 from the UK. Consider myself quite savvy with UK credit card system/cashback/points etc but obviously clueless in regards to Australia.
Will probably be making annual long haul flights to UK and europe. Keen to maximise returns from daily spending and ensure access to business class flights and upgrades ASAP, think Emirates A380 will be the way to go.

To that end, what would people suggest about the following:

Can one have multiple credit cards with different suppliers all linked to one qantas point account?
I’ve read that qantas points can be used to book flights on Emirates A380 as long as QF codeshare, can anyone confirm that?
Are there any other ways to boost points accumulation day to day?
In the UK there is a site called topcashback which if you click through lets you gain cashback (or avios) from spending money online, is there an Australian equivalent?
Any other advice for a newbie to Australian points/miles system?


Doesn’t even have to be an Emirates code-share; Qantas and Emirates have a sharing arrangement whereby although Emirates aren’t a OneWorld, your Qantas points can book you a seat on any route (subject to availability of award seats of course) even on those routes where Qantas don’t codeshare such as from Denpasar to Dubai.

You can and many people do, have multiple credit cards that accrue Qantas points all feeding into one frequent flyer account. The only limit is how good your credit is and how many banks will give you! All the credit card companies in Australia have arrangements with Qantas, some better than others, and most will offer bonus points for pretty modest minimum spends on sign up.

If you don’t fly all that regularly but want to accrue points to help you fly back home, Qantas is hands down the one for you. The biggest advantage that Qantas has over say Cathay or Emirates is that you’ll find it’s pretty easy to accrue points in your day to day. Pretty much everything you’ll ever do there’s a company that’ll let you earn Qantas points by doing it. Shop online through the iconic or David Jones, do your groceries at woolies and swipe your rewards card, rent a car with avis or budget, get your home loan with macquarie, buy your iphone through Qantas’ online mall - you get the picture.

Best advice is make the most of credit card sign up bonuses, as they’re the easiest way to grow your points balance very quickly. Most of the minimum spends are pretty low (e.g. 1500aud in 90 days, seriously who doesn’t spend that anyway?) and can net you anywhere up to 75-100k points each. That represents about half of a business return to London.

Hope that helps!