New to the game - How to maximise points earn on spend?

Hi my husband and I have about 180000 points (Qantas) and have no immediate plans to travel. We are just looking at saving up our points and getting as many as possible.
We are happy to change programs to maximize points. Our preferred airlines would be Qantas, Singapore, Qatar or etihad.
We have a credit card and would be happy to change to another to maximize points.
We basically just want to be earning the most points per dollar and aren’t really sure where to start.
Also interested in points to be redeemed for hotels? What points do we need for that?


Unfortunately, Point Hacks can’t publish advice relating to specific credit cards, managing your credit record or card comparisons. I would suggest signing up for the free Point Hacks email course here. Then if you have further non-credit card choice related questions, the community will be happy to help.

When just starting off, it is very overwhelming and there are a lot of info on Point Hacks and out there. I suggest the email course as it gives just enough info to get you started. I did the same when I just started learning about points.

It would be a good idea to keep your point collecting consolidated to less frequent flyer programs if you are just starting off. As more point balance usually means you can do more. Frequent flyer points/miles in general can’t be transferred between different programs. Velocity FF and Krisflyer are a rare exception.

Qantas and Qatar are partner airlines. Singapore and Etihad are partners with Virgin Australia. So I would suggest at least joining Velocity and Krisflyer as it is free.

I suggest once you are more comfortable with airlines programs, then you can start finding out about hotels.