Need help with Qantas oneworld RTW booking and the 2 transit stop rule

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I’m in the process of booking our Oneworld RTW trip in business for Aug/September 2023. I’m a little stuck on the two transit stop rule specifically in regard to Paris. At the moment we have the following:

kul-nrt (STAY 1)
hnd-jfk (STAY 2)
cmn-ory(STAY 3)
cdg-lhr (STAY 4)

Reason why we have to go from London back to Paris is because availability from Paris back to Australia appears to be better at the moment. Can a smart points hacker let me know what is my best way to get around this. Is it that we just take the cdg-lhr leg out and we book that privately separate to the oneworld RTW ticket? Ideally I would like to have it all covered but not sure how to go about it. Any other suggestions for good options to leave Europe will be welcomed, we though Helsinki might be one but that availability looks even worse!

Many thanks in advance.

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I may be mistaken but it looks like you only transit CDG once (LHR-CDG-HKG)? You are allowed to transit a city twice.

As we land in Paris from Morocco, then leave Paris for London, I didn’t know if we could then transit through Paris again to get home

Maximum of 1 stopover (over 24 hours) & two transits (up to 24 hours) per airport

According to this guide.