Need help please in finding USA to SIN flights to complete RTW itinerary for 5 pax mid-July

Hi FFs,

I manage to reserve a month long RTW for 5pax (2 adults + 3 kids) from mid of Jun to Mid-july. My booking is currently holding as the last leg LAX-SIN don’t have availability in Business Saver.

My current bookings which is yet to be confirmed are





Please help me if you find any seats. I could see availability in Premium Economy online but they’re saying it is not available in my booking inventory.


Hi and welcome.

Is the option of flying on separate flight palatable? There seems to be plenty of availability for 3-4 prem econ flights from LAX, SFO or JFK. I.e. travel party 1 (3 pax) flight on one flight and travel party 2 (2 pax) on another flight, either on seperate days or one on the direct flight and on via a transit in NRT.

Business saver is not available on separate flights as well. But SIA support is not booking me in premium economy for unknown reason.

Ah right. May be they don’t allow mixed cabin itinerary? Unfortunately, I’m not too familiar with Star Alliance RTW.

Edit: Seems like mixed cabin is allowed according to comment section in this article.

I’d suggest hanging up and calling again (HUACA) and try to get the premium economy seats on separate flights. Issue the tickets and keep looking out for business saver fare.

If the agent doesn’t allow, ask to escalate request to supervisor.