Need help finding reward seats to Europe for Xmas 2022

Just looking for some assistance/ ideas for my upcoming Christmas holidays. I hope i can grab someone’s assistance with two parts to this question.

  1. Hope someone can provide other routes that I might have missed to fly business from Sydney/ Brisbane or Melbourne to an europe country during Christmas 2022 via Qantas Frequent Flyer.

I’ve been looking for a while without success.

I could never find any British Airways, Qatar or American Airline reward seats via the Qantas website which departs from Sydney/ Brisbane/ Melbourne however I could see plenty of reward seats from other countries on the second leg.
Tokyo to London
Tokyo Italy
Singapore to London
Doha to Paris

Is this the standard or a common occurrence?

Also been looking for Emirates as well, however, I can’t seem to find any reward seats.

  1. The second question is around how buggy the Qantas website is.
    I see a rewards symbol from Sydney to London on 18th December (next to the date), but nothing appears under classic rewards. Is this due to my silver status, or is it just bugged?

Hi @gamerholic

A few random thoughts…

  • First, read through this Point Hacks guide which may well give you some useful tips.

  • Christmas is obviously a peak time; it’s one of the most difficult times of year to find frequent flyer availability. It’s not impossible, though. If there’s nothing available now, more seats may well become available later in the year.

  • You need to be flexible in terms of your origin and destination airports (personal example: I live in Melbourne and wanted to fly to Paris over the New Year. I couldn’t find Melbourne-Paris return tickets, but I managed to book Sydney-Paris on Boxing Day and Amsterdam-Melbourne for my return flight – all in Singapore business class. So it is possible if you’re willing to be flexible!).

  • Be willing to mix and match airlines. Eg. one promising route, with considerable availability, is Qantas to Delhi, followed by Finnair to Europe via Helsinki.

  • I find that if you’re flying into northern Europe, there’s generally better availability into cities such as Manchester, Amsterdam and Helsinki. For southern Europe, consider Milan.

  • You’re right about the Qantas website – it’s not amazingly user-friendly.

For Christmas flights, you’re looking for that needle in a haystack so you need to be patient and diligent. From what you’ve written, you’re on the right track. It really is possible!

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