Need help completing a RTW itinerary from Europe to Australia in Jan 2024

Hi there,

Looking for help with the following itinerary on a rtw ticket. Happy to pay for someone’s services.

Looking to travel after 15 Dec 2023 to end Jan 2024

Looking at:

Economy RTW reward tickets for 4 adults – using our Qantas ff points – we have 1,300,000 in total

Australia to LA or Dallas (stay 2-5 days)
LA or Dallas to Miami (until early 2024)
Miami to France (stay around 2 weeks Paris and ski resort) – alternatively fly into London and train to France and back)
London to Australia (happy to go via Japan or any Asian hub for a look around).

I’m especially struggling trying to find available flights coming back from Europe to Australia.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I believe people have asked for recommendations on paid frequent flyer booking services on this forum before, so just check those if you’d like!

Just checking, I can see that there are plenty of Economy awards out of London to Japan and Colombo (Sri Lanka). However, getting back to Australia from Asia seems to be the bottle neck especially for 4 seats altogether.

Actually, QATAR AIRWAYS has lots of Economy awards from Europe to Australia but they block off the award space until around 3 months or so before departure to Qantas members as they also partner with Virgin. So that’s a big loss to Qantas even though Qatar is still part of OneWorld and theoretically should be able to book for this RTW itinerary!

Thank you - that makes a lot of sense! I was hoping to travel Qatar, but now understand why there was no option.