Need help booking a Sep/Oct trip with Qantas points

Hi - any help would be really appreciated. I’m very new to this and struggling to navigate.

I would like to leave Melbourne between 16/9 & 20/9 2024 5 adults wanting to travel together premium economy. Stop in Dubai (or another stop over) for one night then fly onto London.


Leave Milan somewhere between 7/10 & 10/10 to Melbourne.

I have 1,133,151 QFF points. So can I use points and then pay for premium economy flights that aren’t covered by points?

I am trying to use the Conceirge on points hack but obviously I need to ask a lot more questions. I’d be grateful for any assistance.

Hi @lg1,
This is going to be very difficult given the time of year. I think it’s possible to find 5 reward seats in a premium cabin but you’ll need to really think outside the box to find them. Think alternate routes with more stopovers/transit than you’d normally do. For example, if you want to fly Emirates on your way over to have that Dubai stopover, pull up the Emirates Route Map on their website and start searching for less common cities they fly to. Then jump on the Multi-City Search tool and start hunting.

Similarly for your return legs, you mention Milan. It doesn’t look like anything is available for 5 people in your timeframe. So look at other cities close by that could provide you with the premium seats you’re after - Geneva, Lyon, Zurich, Munich etc… transit through Dubai or Singapore or Tokyo and then down to Melbourne. Your last leg might have to be in economy though.

If you don’t have the time or the patience to do all this searching to find where the availability is, the Points Hacks Concierge may well be your best bet for success. They can do all the heavy lifting, so to speak, for you.

All the best.

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