Moving to Singapore - should I stay with Velocity or move to KrisFlyer?

Hello trusted fellow flyers, my family and I are moving to Singapore into a job that I will be travelling frequently. I currently hold Gold on Velocity, am trying to decide whether to keep accruing in Velocity or switch to Kris Flyer and start from scratch… has anyone done something similar or reviewed this? Have Singapore done status match?

Star Alliance alone looks like a reason to do it.

Hi @Bilster

Interesting question. The big advantage that Velocity has over KrisFlyer is that Velocity points don’t expire.

However, to someone living in Singapore, KrisFlyer has some big advantages over Velocity – not least that KrisFlyer points are much easier to acquire in Singapore than Velocity points are (just as Velocity points are easier to acquire in Australia).

And yes, KrisFlyer has more airline partners (eg. Star Alliance partners) than Velocity does.

If I were you, I’d switch to KrisFlyer unless you know your time in Singapore will be short.

It’s very rare for airlines which are partners to do status matches with each other. So no, don’t hold your breath for a Singapore Airlines status match. If you time things right, by the time your Velocity Gold expires you’ll hopefully be KrisFlyer Gold anyway (given you’re “travelling frequently”).

Finally, if you’re not familiar with the Milelion, you should give his blog a read. Think of it as the Singapore equivalent of Point Hacks!

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