Moving Krisflyer points around - how to transfer miles from one account to another?

I have 260,000 Amex Membership Rewards and my wife has about 120,000.

We want to do a trip for our 25th wedding anniversary next year,
but we need roughly 180,000 Krisflyer miles each to do it.

As far as I can tell, Singapore Airlines won’t let us transfer miles from account to account
(even though Qantas will), so does anybody have any ideas about how to ‘even up’
our account balances, so we can go on this trip together?

Thanks guys. M.

I’m assuming you have amex MR accent (not gateway).

Lodge an Amex transfer form that allows 50k MR to your wife. That should get your wife to 170k.

Remaining 10k, transfer 13500 MR to velocity, you do a family transfer from your velocity to hers. Once in her velocity account, transfer to KFF @ 1.35:1. She should get the 10k then.





Transfers between the same Amex program is free. See:

Don’t transfer to velocity too much as the 35% loss in points hurt :frowning:

Good pick up.  It implies that it will cost you, but by omission, you might be right!

I’ll call them.