Mileage Redemption / Pay for Air Ticket for upcoming trip?

Hi Guys, hope someone can help me, I am confused about how the whole thing on the earn mileage/Redemption Mileage works or which is more cost effective/worthwhile. Below are some infos on my planned upcoming trip, but I am not sure if I should pay for the trip or use my mileage to redeem for the trip. Tks & Appreciates.

If someone could show me how to calculate will be greatly appreciated!

Brisbane to Tokyo (Return Trip)

BNE – TOK (Ret) @ $1322.86 inclusive & miles earn will be  8890 points

Points Redemption (Ret) = 63750  pts + $683.86 (Economy Saver Award) OR                                                          180625 pts + $719.26 (Business Saver Award)

So which is a better deal? Pay for tickets or go for mileage /points redemption?



For the Economy redemption, you’d be getting roughly 1c per point value out of your points. This isn’t a good redemption rate - I wouldn’t redeem unless you’re getting 2c or more.

For the Business Class redemption, that’s completely up to you. How much do you value flying in Business? Would you pay for it yourself? If you would value it enough to want to do it, but only by paying in points, and there’s the seats available then it’s probably a good redemption.

Tks Keith, great advice. It’s KF mileage. I haven’t got much to burn (Only sufficient to redeem for eco or biz return tix / Upgrade to biz class ~ 110k mileage). Currently I am on Silver membership and need 25,000 mileage to renew before 31st July’16 or 50,000 for Elite Gold (Which is what I am gunning for! :slight_smile: )I had just checked and seems upgrades of seat is really not worth! It’s definitely a redemption of tixs (Eco/Biz/First) or maybe paying for tix using KF point etc (Fully/Partially). Currently, my priority is to clock up the mileage to 25k/50k but just thinking if it’s worth to redeem for tix if it’s good deal (I travel at least 5 times/yr internationally from AU).