Marriott Flights and Nights - what to do if it's not possible to upgrade my package?

So Interested to get your thoughts.

I recently purchased a Flights and Nights package for Cat 1-5 I always intended to stay in a Tier 5 hotel but did not have the points at the time, however, I needed to get the Air Miles to organise flights. I thought I could upgrade the package anytime. I have now been told that a Cat Package cannot be upgraded to a Tier Package.

So wondering, do I hold off until the merge and hope upgrades to Tier 5 become available under the new structure? The risk is that not only will upgrade to Tier 5 not be possible but upgrading the packages are no longer available at all. So other option is I suck it up and upgrade/stay at a Cat 9.

I have reservations for both options on hold. Worst case, if I hold off I have enough points for the Cat 9 outright and then I just have Cat 1-5 7 Night to use another time. Will be staying early September

Any thoughts?

Hi Eggsbenedict,

You can definitely upgrade your Cat 1-5 Marriott cert to Cat 9 or Tier 1 or Tier 5. Please call them. Here are some contact details. Obviously, you need additional Marriott points to upgrade.


My experience is similar. Cat 1-5 can only be upgraded up to Cat 9.

When is your booking? If after August, you can wait till program merges, all hotels will be under 1 award chart. In fact a Tier 5 will most likely be under Cat 7 for 2018, Cat 8 for 2019.

What you may do is book a Cat 9 hotel first. Then when the new unified chart is out, upgrade it to include the Tier 5 hotel you desire.