Luxury Link gone into liquidation - what are my options for a booking refund?

Good afternoon everyone

I booked a hotel through Luxury Link who have just gone into liquidation, it was more than 90 days ago and therefore there is no chargeback on our NAB Platinum Amex Card.

I have contacted the insurer of this card QBE, and it doesn’t look promising to obtain a refund there either.

I have also contact Travel Insurance Direct, who advised that this is not covered.

Is there any other option open to me, or is there a card or insurance that will cover this type of loss, or is it a case of do not purchase prior to 90 days before you require the booking?

Any advise would be helpful


Was the hotel you booked domestic or international? and how much did you charge for the hotel on your card?

Chargeback would have been my first port of call as well. Bummer that it was outside of 90 days. It could also be worth contacting the hotel directly and outlining the situation, they may be willing to give you a break.

thank you so much for your responses… I have contacted NAB who at first refused my request and also the travel insurance associated with the card, and our insurer (Travel Insurance Direct) who have all not been too helpful. After another request NAB has agreed to have another look through the complaints department… I will keep you up to date if I have any success… at least NAB are looking at it and are keeping us up to date.\r\nThe hotel was in Chicago and paid in full to Luxury Link, with the hotel at this stage agreeing to keep the same rate/deal/inclusions when I pay again

Travel Insurance, both the NAB credit card and my own insurance TID were unable to help, I went back to NAB who after some negotiation gave me $500.00 towards my loss which I am grateful for. The hotel will give me the same rate/deal as Luxury Link and hold my reservation… \r\n\r\nDon’t purchase more days out than 90 or 120, whatever your credit card chargeback agreement is, is the lesson I have learnt!\r\nThanks again everyone