Lower rate for one-night stays than two-night stays at Hyatt Canberra - did I miss anything?

So I’ve noticed an irregularity in price when booking Hyatt Canberra hotel on their official website https://canberra.park.hyatt.com/

If I choose two-night stay from 21/10/2016 to 23/10/2016, the rate (including 10% member discount) is $270 per night. However, if I choose to book a one-night stay for either the first or the second day, the rate is $224 per night for each night. In other words, if I make two separately bookings for each night, the total cost is $448 instead of $540. Please see a screenshot of the rates below.

Rate $270 per night for two-night booking

Rate $224 for the first night

Rate $224 for the second night

My question is that did I miss any obvious facts? Do anyone experience similar things? Is this a hidden common practice by all hotels that the daily rate increases if you book for longer?

Thanks in advance.

Seems like this has been previously reported. OMAAT link.

If Ben is suggesting that you can book individual nights and string them together, you may be allowed to do so.

What I would do (without prior experience) to err on the safe side is probably to ring Hyatt up directly and tell them this and ask them whether you can string them together or get them to offer you a competitive rate to reflect the overall lower costs .

I have never had problems with a major hotel chain linking 2 separate bookings to avoid the need to re check in and avoid rooms .

Interesting in in the link provided that Ben Schlappig always book refundable bookings. I rarely do because fully refundable can be often be quite an extra premium plus I am usually certain about my travel dates. Ben, however flies for a living and I’m guessing sometimes standby or waiting for the last minute seat by points