Lounge access recommendations in Hong Kong for 7 hour break?

Hi, myself, my wife and our 14 and 11 year old are travelling to Vancouver in January via Hong Kong. Can you please tell me what is the most cost effective way to get lounge access in HK, as we have about a 7 hour break between flights. Is it easiest to buy the passes, if so which ones, or is it easier simply to apply for a credit card which includes lounge access? Thanks Dave

Hi Dave,

I would recommend perusing these 2 websites below.


http://www.sleepinginairports.net/hotels/hong-kong-airport-hotels.htm might be another option if you are mainly after a place to rest.

There are quite a few credit cards in the market offering 2 Priority Passes which allows you access to Plaza Premium lounges. A few of the top premium cards offer unlimited Priority Passes, which you can keep on using until expiry.