Lost my signup bonus because my last names doesn't match - anyone have any advice?

Married but didn’t update my Qantas FF account name.
Signed up to StGeorge Amplify signature for 80k bonus In Jan 19. Spent minimum.
= No points in FF since sign up.
= Statement shows points earned. However doesn’t mention the bonus, the 3 months has just ended now.
= Member number is correct.

Can I salvage some of the points +/- bonus?

I have contacted FF to update the name change.
Any advice afterwards?



Have you tried changing your last name on your Qantas account and then contacting St George about your signup bonus, saying you didn’t get it?

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HI and thank you for your response :slightly_smiling_face:

I contacted Qantas yesterday and once changed I will contact St George. Interesting that the statement shows the points accrued but no correspondence has been received to advise that points aren’t being transferred.


I’m not very surprised. I had a similar experience with NAB but it was because of their system having errors. I have always had to chase things up myself in the point world. No such thing as someone following up, but that would be nice.

I recently had an experience with NAB where they auto filled my data and it put my full name in the surname so bonus points didn’t show up.
I haggled with them and got an extra 20,000 points as goodwill as they admitted they messed up.

All has been successful :slight_smile:

Great to hear. What did you have to do ultimately?

The name was changed with Qantas.
Then we called St George and Ultimately they were applying the definitive 3-month rule before transferring the points, so there was enough time.