Looking for Hotel recommendations in Singapore for a 1 week+ stay

Planning for a Singapore holiday in Dec. Can someone please point any recommended hotels and any offers.

Hey Achin - might help if you added some more detail. How many nights? People? What are your preferences? Looking for something amazing and happy to pay, or affordable?

HI Keith

2 people, ~7-9 days. No Airport hotels. looking for affordable stays. (happy to spend too)


Hi Achin - the only hotel I have reviewed on the site is the InterContinental Singapore.

I’ll also be staying at the Sheraton Towers in a month or so. I’ll write that up once the stay is done.

Beyond that, I think looking for deals and offers recommendations is a tough ask, as hotel choice is pretty personal in terms of what you’re looking for. If you are looking for opinions on specific hotels though you might get more responses.


It also depends on what you mean by affordable and your reasons for travelling to Singapore, be it holidays, work etc. I recently spent 5 nights at Marina Bay Sands, and would recommend it highly, I have also stayed at the Hilton, Novotel, Grand Park Orchard, Ruffles and a few others.

If you can provide a set budget per night, I could give you some pretty good recommendations