Krisflyer new redemption rate - is it still a good option?

I have been waitlisted on business saver AU east coast to US east coast and now 2 of 5 legs are confirmed. Under the new rate, it will take aprox. 230k points plus $200 (sin) tax/fees, rather than the old 185k+$1200(au).
I am not experienced to crunch the numbers, so I’d like to ask the gurus if this option is still worth it?
280k points with Qantas can get a business RTW.
Also, not sure if VA redemption has any good options. I tried VA redemption before and it was very dear.

Thanks for your insights!


It comes down to what type of points you have and your respective point balances. It also involves factors like: whether you don’t mind paying YQ, etc.

With the new KF award mileage table, some love it some don’t. The point rich will love it because no more expensive YQ. The point poor will hate it because they will have to find more points for redemptions.

QFF RTW redemptions are one of the best value for points if you can fully utilise it.