Krisflyer miles are expiring and considering transferring to Velocity - How to use Velocity points?

Hi folks,

I have just shy of 60k KF points that I’d like to make use of - about 10.6k expire at the end of the month.

I’ve spent literally hours now trying to understand the best way to redeem them and my head is about to explode - they really don’t make any of this easy.

I have no plans to fly to Asia or anywhere else long distance any time soon and don’t have enough points for that anyway so that’s off the table. I am instead thinking of using them to fly to somewhere in Australia - I live in Melbourne.

So I’m thinking of transferring points to Velocity and using them to get a couple of tickets to somewhere like Sydney or the Gold Coast. Before I do that though, how do I find out how many points I’d need for a return flight? And how will I know whether there’s availability on the dates I’m interested in for those routes before I transfer the points over?

Thanks =)

Hi alibanana,

Go to and search flights as you usually do when booking with $. The only additional thing you need to do is click on the Points and Pay check box.

After that you are looking for Economy or Business Reward seats. Personally, I pay the tax in $ because generally the value for paying the tax in points is low.

You will see how many points is required for a particular flight.

Hope that helps.

I would be transferring them anyway. At least that way they won’t expire.

MEL to SYD is 7800 + $23 taxes or 11400 points if you pay entirely with points.

MEL to Goldcoast is 11800 + $21 taxes or 15200 all up.

Those figures are economy one way, double for return flights.

Melb to Perth is only 35600 return. You could come over here next year to visit us and our new state of the art stadium :slight_smile:     Just doing my bit to promote our little state :wink:


Great. Thanks to both of you for your replies =)