Join Qantas Club 50,000 points bonus - referral link needed

Hi all,

I'm interested in taking advantage of the current promotion on Qantas to join the Qantas Club and earn 40,000 points, plus 10,000 points if I do so by way of referral link. 

Just wondering if anyone here has already joined under this promotion (which expires on 19 February 2015) and has been able to generate a referral link.  I'd be happy to use the link so you can benefit from the extra 10,000 points also.

Thanks again,


Hi Jack, 

Any takers?

I am thinking of signing up. 



I have now enrolled. If you provide:
Your Name
email address (needs to be the same one as you will use for your Qantas Club enrollment)
Phone Number
FF Number
 I will forwrad you the referral.