Jetstar not honoring status credits - what to do?

Hello all,

I recently booked a Jetstar business ticket from SYD to HKG on Jetstar’s mobile app. During the purchase, it showed that I will get 240 status credits (it still does on their app til today), however, after the flight I only received 180 status credit from Qantas. Upon checking with Jetstar, they say that the information on their mobile app is subject to change and may not be 100% accurate, their website reflects the correct status credits which is 180.

What should I do now? Make a complaint to fair trading or just keep harassing the customer service team at Jetstar/Qantas?


I feel you can reproduce the screen showing the higher number then take a screen shot. You could argue they’re in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act with misleading advertising.

I’d chase it up, if I were you.