Japan Airlines redemption with Qantas points - what to do if agent can't see award seats from BA search?

Hi there,
So I’m trying to book JAL flights using Qantas FF points.
I’ve gone to BA and confirmed seat availability with Avios. Am now onto my third Qantas rep on the phone who is telling me there are no JAL flights available on any day (over a 6 mth period!). Despite me requesting that they check in AXESS instead of Amadeus.
They last rep says she is on AXESS and there are still no seats showing (despite me being able to see them on BA).
What else can I do? Asking to speak to a Manager (who may know how to do it) is being refused.
Why is it so hard?
Can anyone please advise if I have any other options?
Meanwhile, the dates I want are being taken as I sit on hold yet again…
Any advice greatly appreciated…

Hi nkr,

I am guessing you have encountered what we call “phantom seats”.

If you have tried all of the above, I would suggest that it is indeed phantom seats.

BA and some airlines indeed have phantom seats. So it is good to double check.

Good luck.

Hi nkr,

I suggest you create JAL and American Airlines frequent flyer accounts (basically create other One World accounts). These should be free. Then do your searches and look for your JAL seats.

If AA doesn’t see them, this may prove they are phantom seats with BA.

If JAL doesn’t see them, then BA is definitely showing phantom seats.

If JAL does see them, that proves they exist but maybe they are for JAL FF users only and not for other One World accounts? But at least you can argue with Qantas with facts that the JAL seats do exist.