I've completed a flight itinerary on the OneWorld site. Now, how do I book it with Qantas points?

I have created an itinerary successfully getting all green ticks. How do I transfer those flights to an actual booking using Bus Class Q FF points? I’ve looked through the Hacks links but they are likely now outdated as not 2023. Q Multi-City gives option for only 6 flights apparently. I’m also wanting dates beyond the 12months from now to book flights beyond June 2024. Very complicated - any help gratefully appreciated!!!

Hi @cbyrnes and welcome.

The OneWorld site is good for exploring and planning based on OneWorld flights, but the down side of this is it is based on flights you can go out and book using money (cash) as there are indeed RTW itineraries that you can pay for.

Unfortunately, you will need a second round of more meaningful (restrictive and realistic) planning as award/reward flights/seats are limited (supply). E.g. each flight has a limited number of economy/business/first class seats redeemable at the Classic Reward rate (in Qantas’ case). That low supply of award seats plus the high supply of Qantas members loaded with an inflated amount of Qantas points makes even a simple A to B point redemption challenging at times. So, finding award availability for 6 or more flights not a simple task, especially in business/first class.

Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but, I’d suggest taking a notepad or open up a word/excel document to start piecing together each individual flight and noting down the flights with availability on the dates that are workable for you.

Then once you have your itinerary or half an itinerary, start booking and you can add flights to it at a later date (if flights aren’t available yet - as flights generally get released 11-12mths in advance; or you can’t find any available award seats just yet).

Best advice is to be flexible with dates and routing.

Good luck.

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Hello, thank you for the welcome and thank you so much for your informative reply. I guessed that was the case that there’s so many people with points and the huge challenge of booking using them appears to be a deterrent. Wishing there was an easier process however it appears the only way is to follow your advice and laboriously complete the process. Thank you once again, I’ll keep an eye on this post to keep updated with any changes people have witnessed and ultimately once I’ve completed this prep for the 12 month trip next year, I may have a little nugget of wisdom to share. Thank you again.

No problem. A lot of perserverance is required especially when stringing together a RTW itinerary.

You may find that you have better chances with award availability if you are willing to position yourself to some neighbouring countries with a cheap flight. E.g. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia (if you are based on the West Coast) or New Zealand, Fiji (on the West Coast).

Any questions, please feel free to ask here or a new post.

Good luck.

Thanks again! I was planning to make another call to Qantas frequent Flyer flight bookings today to ask the question but you may know it… When I have enquired before they have suggested a multicity booking, however there is a maximum of six legs and booking leg after leg adds up to more than the 312,000 points, even if under the required maximum number of sectors. Therefore I’m assuming, which I haven’t tried yet, is by tapping an option of round the world, it will calculate milage, points, sectors etc as you go. Do you know which one is best? Ty!!

I think you should book the six flights (ignoring the transit airport where possible in your multi city search to maximise the number of flights you can do yourself). Then you will need to call and add/change flights after the initial booking.

As long as the itinerary stays within all the required RTW rules (including max distance), the point costs would be capped at 318,000 pts. So you could go beyond 6 flights.

Thank you in advance!!! I have created an itinerary on Oneworld site after clicking over from RtW on Q site to use Q points. The itinerary has confirmed ‘Valid’ in green at bottom right of the screen and also by clicking on Fare Eligibility ‘Oneworld Explorer’ is a green tick. However, when I click on ‘Choose Flights’ I’m then advised in red that the milage exceeds the quota and that the flight needs to fly trans Atlantic and Pacific - but not how much ‘over’ the mileage is, therefore how much to adjust by and that the flights are already flying over the required oceans. Has anyone had this issue? how to fix? (I don’t like this process :slight_smile: ) All I can think of is complete restart, which I’ve done several times with no success of anything improving. Ty!!!

You have to redo this on Qantas.com not oneworld. Hope that is clear enough.

Can anyone please confirm the following re RTW with QFF points.
When booking the itinerary through Qantas site, can you book the partner airlines eg Jetstar & China Airlines, to remain within the RTW ticket?
(I did phone Qantas & ask but the agent was extremely unclear and vague.)

No. They are not part of the oneworld alliance.

Thank you, that is unfortunate as there seems to be more business seats available with those airlines.

Look up the OneWorld airlines affiliated listed with Qantas - they are the airlines you can book through Qantas. Otherwise book the Chinese airline directly

I have a different question about OneWorld booking. I’ve been planning a trip for a few weeks and found a rather good itinerary on OneWorld.com for a RTW trip. It was the lowest price of all airlines, and really worked for my wife and I. As I was making the booking, the cost was exactly as it has been for the previous few weeks as I was testing different options.

Long story/question short: The price on screen was fine when I entered our information, and it was fine when I entered my credit card information. Only after I clicked “submit” and got the confirmation that the flights are confirmed did the price jump by $5k! How is this even legal?

I’ve called Qantas to ask how this has happened and they say “the price you’ve paid seems to be the correct price for that trip”. What I don’t understand is that I’ve never had a price jump by so much AFTER submitting the request. Does anyone have any advice? I can’t seem to find any phone numbers or email addresses for OneWorld and Qantas hasn’t been able to help either.

Thanks in advance!

I’d suggest starting a new question to increase your chances of getting a decent response. Conditions for RTW bookings paid with $ differs from ones paid with Qantas points.