Is Velocity status of any use if we are relocating to Singapore?

Hello advice wanted please.

Hubby and I family pool with virgin Australia. Through our efforts and travel we are one return flight (in June) from reaching platinum and we have 186,000 virgin points.

We are moving to Singapore for work. We have Krisflyer but hardly any points as we always put our virgin number when flying Singapore air.
My question is around transfer of points. With the recent changes announced is it worth transferring all of our points to Krisflyer? When we move to Singapore we will get a points credit card which gives us good Krisflyer privilege so we will most likely use Singapore air and its partners more often. Also being out of Australia I’m not sure what benefits virgin has for us.
Thoughts? Anything else I need to consider? Am I forgetting something?

Would be a good idea to go through the benefits on the VFF website. Its pretty clear what you get if you fly SQ.      If it was me I wouldnt transfer the VFF points to KF,  you will get much better redemption value on SQ flights by using your VFF points.

eg SIN to AU east coast is 28000 KF or  35000 VFF.