Is using Qantas points for Perth to USA return flights in business class a good use of points?

hi i’ll be travelling Perth - Nashville return in July/Aug 2019 and am looking at booking this using QF points. Business booking calcs out as 256k plus $887 taxes etc.
Be interested to if anyone has already done assessment of whether this represents good use of points and/or if there is more optimal way to book a trip like this by splitting out the internal USA flight sectors
thanks in advance cheers

Personally, I think that just about any Business Reward flight is a good use of points, with the possible exception of flights to places like NZ where the Business class flights are generally pretty cheap already. If you want/need to get to Nashville and you’d rather not fork out $7000-plus for a Business class ticket, then go for it.

My quick back-of-the-envelope calculations reveal that you’re getting about 2.4c per point. Yes, there are some flights out there where you get greater value for each point … but is that where you want to travel? It’s possible to get too concerned about “value”. If using the points works for you, go for it.

I don’t think splitting out the  internal USA sectors will be any better value but I may be wrong on that – hopefully another contributor will say so if that’s the case!

Hi - I dont think my last reply posted so will refresh it:

Last week I purchased 2 QF redemption tickets PER/SFO for 112000 points each one way plus ~$500 each in charges.  Your 128000 points PER to Nashville is costing an extra 16000 points each way and less than we got stung in charges.

Compare to SQ who would charge you 102000 points plus ~$200 each way to LAX/SFO.

If you can get seats on Qantas and have the points i would grab them with both hands and yell “yippee”.

By the way, economy seats in planes in the States are generally a bit wider and better pitch than Australia and most offer 34 inch pitch seating for less than US$50 extra on the cheapest economy ticket and usually located just behind business class seats.  Always check Google Flights or Seat Guru before you confirm a flight to ensure seat pitch and width on your flight