Is TRS only for tourists or can I bring claimed items back into Australia?

I am an Australian citizen currently on holiday in Asia. I claimed some jewellery via TRS when I left as I recalled @BrandonLoo doing it recently and I was therefore under the impression I could bring the goods back with me.
However the ABF officer told me that it was only for tourists and goods are not supposed to be brought back in to Australia so now I am confused and don’t know what to do when I return later this week.
Has it changed recently or am I doing something dodgy?
Thanks in advance :smiling_face:

Hi @rusk74

The ABF officer wasn’t quite telling the truth. You can bring goods that you claimed via TRS back into Australia, but only up to a certain value — namely, $900 per person if you’re over 18. You must declare these goods at question 3 of your passenger card.

One other thing you should know is that you can pool your $900 allowance with other travellers in your party. So if there are two of you, together you can bring up to $1800 worth of goods back duty-free.

If you buy other duty free goods while overseas (or at the airport upon arrival), that counts towards your $900.

See the link below for more details.


Thanks @sixtyeight that’s what I thought after reading the website but just a bit odd for them to be giving out incorrect information like that!
Thanks for confirming and putting my mind at ease :smiling_face: